The State of The Maker Movement in Brazil - SXSW 2015 Presentation

Manoel Lemos speaking at the SXSW 2015 about the state of the Maker Movement in Brazil

Brazil has all the ingredients for a remarkable maker movement. We, brazilians, are really creative, we love to do things together, we strongly embraced the Internet and its social and open techonologies and we are always doing "gambiarras" to solve ours everyday's problems. But is the brazilian maker movement skyrocketing? ... Read more »

Interactive Toy with Adafruit Trinket and NeoPixels

One day I decided to create an interactive toy for my daughters. The idea was to create a simple toy with an embeded microcontroller, some LEDs and a speaker. I got inspiration for that from Adafruit's Chirping Plush Owl Toy project and added a few things from my own and ... Read more »

It is time to move on... to a new blog!

Old Books

Well, I finally decided to move on, archive my old - and very outdated - blog and start a new fresh one. So, this is my first post in my new blog. If you want/need to read my former posts, you can check the archives of my old blog ... Read more »